Sunday, May 3, 2009

Double Dose of the Twins VS The Royals

This weekend we hosted two friends from Kansas City: Beth's friend Jenny from college, and Megan, a friend of hers who is also a baseball fan. They made the road trip up to the cities to see us, and see their Kansas City Royals play the MN Twins of course. Friday night was a great game. We ended up with a group of 12 of us, many of which were other friends of Jenny's who came out to visit. There was plenty of action on the field, and the Twins ended up winning 7 to 5.

We enjoyed having house guests, and sharing the extra space in our house. Saturday we slept in and took it easy, and grabbed some lunch at Applebees. We had originally bought 5 tickets for Saturday night's game, but Jenny's husband didn't make it up to Minneapolis, so we invited Vinney to join us. Vinney and I left early and found some dinner at a cool little bar called Mortimer's where we savored some good cheap bar food. $2 special on cheeseburgers, some fries, and a cool Honeyweiss. The game was neck and neck for awhile as the Royals pretty much matched us run for run. Unfortunately this dragged out to a tie after 9 innings. Two innings later the Royals came back with 3 more runs to win the game. But at least we had good friends to hang out with... even if some of them were cheering for the wrong team :-)

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