Saturday, November 5, 2011

and so ends the Summer of Tile

I'm happy to report that as of a few weeks ago the tile work is finally finished in our basement. After last summer's water damage we had to pull out the carpet and some of the sheetrock, and we left it open for the winter and spring to make sure we had the water issues taken care of. Lucky for us the new gutters and the landscape fixes worked. We did have a little water get pushed up through the floor after a heavy rainstorm, most likely as a result of all the clay around here and hydrostatic pressure. Since we can't completely rule out the possibility of water in the future, we figured tiling the entire basement was the best idea, labor intensive though it may be.

After 3 months of nights & weekends, 510 sq feet, and over 2000 pounds of tile, it's finally done.

To keep the basement from feeling too hard & cold, we found some simple carpet rugs to use in the family room. This helps keep the space comfortable, and makes it easy to take care of in the event we get water in there again. I'd say it turned out really well.

Here are a few progress photos taken along the way:

And here is the finished product. Nathan really loves all the new play space!

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